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Sep. 19th, 2009

Today's my first baby shower. I'm excited, I have never experienced anything like this, she's been kicking away all morning in anticipation for all her presents. haha I just want her to be here ! No more morning sickness, and then I'd actually be able to see my feet without leaning forward (Leaning Ball of Jess)

Oooooooooh ! Amber will be coming home NEXT WEEKEND !
I'm so fucking excited !!!


yeeeeah !

So I JUST got over my fucking bronchitis. it was a shhhhhitty ten days.

On the bright side...

...got a flat screen tv yesterday ! woot woot.

My boyfriend likes to hump my back it seems. lawlz
(he's doing it as I type)

Good day, good day.


Finally !

Money, money, money, money !
God, I feel great now, being pregnant and unable to work sucks major.
Now I don't feel so fucking worthless.

Oh ! My birthday was like a week ago, got some new slippers from Eli because I wore my other ones right out of the soles. What can I say? I love slippers, and they make me look like a BAMF.

A year from now Tommy and I are going to be falling off our barstools and singing Irish drinking songs down Main St.

As you can tell, todays been fucking great ! Other than having bronchitis. Ughhh.
I sound like an 85 year old with emphysema...sickkk.


that is all.

long time...

So things have been looking up, as have I.

Just moved into our new house, Eli and I love it. Not too big, yet not too small either. We also have a little girl on the way, I'm due December 6, although the doctor said it may be as early as Thanksgiving :] The name Bree is sticking in my head, one of the characters in my horror story has such a name. She is already full of energy, and seems to love rock and heavy metal music haha

I've been working on my short stories collection while I'm off work, if only I had the courage to try and publish some of my works. I'm nothing more than an amateur but it would be nice to spend my time using the only thing that seems to excel within me, my imagination.

Until next time...


Another day filled with darkness and chill, penetrating down to my bones. Another day closer to death, of experience and thought, affection and betrayal.

I've been considering applying at Mott, I could really use it. Self-learning doesnt get you the six figure income that sitting at a desk, listening to the drone of a teacher that cares not for the students, but for the sound of their own voice.

Hash Bash is next weekend. Tommy wants me to go, I think that it would be fun. Smoking joints with those who share our appreciation of marijuana. It's not that bad, really.

Eh. Not much else to write for now.


As I sit here, the sky slowly becomes more and more menacing, like a blackhole sucking everything into its abyss. Nothing escapes from it, not even my mood. These days remind me of my childhood, not that I am much older than a child to begin with. Days like this make me want to destroy something, to cause as much pain as the sky compacts into my mind.
But then again, it's just a rainy day.

Things have been, well things really havent changed much. Still living, working, slowly decaying. I have been working on my novel lately, it's going really well. Days like today bring out my morbid side, allowing my writing to flow as a broken dam flows unto an unsuspecting town. Only 120 more pages to go. YAY!

The hunt for a new home has begun. Not that I don't enjoy my current residence, it's just that growing up in a small town and then growing old in that same town holds no real appeal to me.

I have a modeling shoot this weekend, and I'm still in shock over the whole ordeal. Me? The only things that is interesting about my looks is my hair. But, aw well, I'm not going to complain :) [[ update: went well ! made 150$ ]]

Enjoy yourselves. Until next time.


Well it's still chilly this morning but I have always liked the smell of a cool breeze. It seems to put me in a good mood no matter what my situation. Thanksgiving is next week, I'm so excited. I love the holidays, my family is so much stranger than most. Hopefully this year my dad doesnt answer the door with the turkey neck in his zipper again...I thought my grandma was going to have a heart attack. She kept going "Mike! Mike! You're pee-pee's showing! Michael!" Hahaha, I thought I was going to die.

I know that I really need to quit smoking, but everyone has a bad habit. Maybe this one is mine.

PS: I made some mixed-berry daquiris last night and watched the new Shrek movie. Booze and animation films...there's nothing better.

And that's about it for now, I just broke a nail typing. Haha, I knew they'd be a bad idea. I keep breaking them off. Nails aren't really needed anyway...who cares if you have colored nails or not? Sheesh...

update. finally.

So, things have changed a lot since my last entry. Seth and I are no longer dating, I ended things there. We just had too many differences.

Life is good, college is great, my love life is anything but simple.

I apologize for the short post, I'm on my way to pick up SuzD so we can run to the Lansing Airport.
Paul is back from Iowa ! Woo !

Until next time...

It's been eons.

Wow, I'm surprised I didn't forget this journal like I do with most of my other ones. Casually thrown off to the side, half-finished thoughts on ink smeared against the paper.

I started dating this guy named Seth. He's 25 and a tattoo artist. We get along pretty good, but I'm not rushing things.
He is intellectual, and actually finds me attractive and interesting. :o
That's a new one.
But we'll see.

Fate may take a turn.
Life goes as it should.
It will end up that way too.

PS: I have a cold, and want a massage. BAAAAAAD.