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As I sit here, the sky slowly becomes more and more menacing, like a blackhole sucking everything into its abyss. Nothing escapes from it, not even my mood. These days remind me of my childhood, not that I am much older than a child to begin with. Days like this make me want to destroy something, to cause as much pain as the sky compacts into my mind.
But then again, it's just a rainy day.

Things have been, well things really havent changed much. Still living, working, slowly decaying. I have been working on my novel lately, it's going really well. Days like today bring out my morbid side, allowing my writing to flow as a broken dam flows unto an unsuspecting town. Only 120 more pages to go. YAY!

The hunt for a new home has begun. Not that I don't enjoy my current residence, it's just that growing up in a small town and then growing old in that same town holds no real appeal to me.

I have a modeling shoot this weekend, and I'm still in shock over the whole ordeal. Me? The only things that is interesting about my looks is my hair. But, aw well, I'm not going to complain :) [[ update: went well ! made 150$ ]]

Enjoy yourselves. Until next time.

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