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Things have been, going.

Heading off to Cedar Point on Friday with Rico, Magoo, and The Clan. I'm pretty excited, woo for the adrenaline rush ! 

Either Monday or Wednsday I'm supposed to hang out with Seth, maybe we'll play Disc Golf again. ^-^ That was one of the best days I've had in a long time. Just hanging out, drinking beer, bullshitting, and sucking at Disc Golf. haha Then we all went back to Seth's and had a cook-out. 

So yeah, my birthday is in 20 days and I start school in 15. >.< ughhhhh,

Looking up.

Thinking, thinking, thinking. 

I want to debate everything with someone, someone I hardly know. 
Someone who has no side in anything. 

It sounds like an adventure. 

Backin' it up.

I sit here, thinking of how exactly to say what is running throughout my head at this moment. I could type a million things, and still have new thoughts spark up. There is so much for me to grasp, and I have yet to decide what I'm going to do about any of it, if anything.

Greg is stilling trying to fit his smug little face back into my life...guh. That's not even worth discussing. I just want to give him a nice right hook. >.<
sorry...I had to get that off my chest.

Tomorrow I'm going to the movies with Hayden. Woot !


I had to babysit today, which wasn't too bad. My brother and Semereka were up from Livonia, so we took Sas up to the park, where Rico viciously smashed his face against the merry-go-round pole, which, after hitting, he fell into the dirt face first. :] I almost died from laughter. Semereka then busted his nuts on those little play horsies, within 5 minutes of my brother's self-assault.  We painted his apartment today too, in a color known as "Lucious Moss". Yeah I know, it sounds pretty disgusting, but it actually looks bad ass. It fits my brother, completely spaced yet interesting. haha

                   HAPPY BIRTHDAY JORDAN ! [ yeah, she just turned 18 ]

Things just keep getting better and better.

Entry whore.

Lately I have been posting a lot, but as the posts get more frequent, I cease to include my thoughts, sticking strictly to the day's events. But I've been so exhausted I can't even think of what to write. The constant messages from Greg are getting rather bothersome and insulting. But I suppose that's what I get for being ignorant enough to go back the first time.

Hayden and I went to his Baker orientation today. I actually enjoyed myself a lot. He makes me laugh. I found this absolutely amazing Fedora in his backseat. Can you say stunning?  Yeah, I looked good.  ;]

Camping out

I'm sitting over at my mother's boyfriend's right now, while Tony is camped outside on the steps, listening to his girlfriend drone on and on about nothing really important, all the while inhaling the toxins laced in the tobacco of the Camel that he hold between his fingers.

You get the picture :]

I think it's about time for a Hayden & Jess day. :D

I've noticed I make a lot of emoticon faces while I type. >.< But it's addicted, because as I type the faces, I'm actually making the faces. Ironic isn't it? Portraying your emotions through the stroke of the keys, we think of it as an amazing advancement, when all the while we slowly let the physical connections deteriorate around us, becoming more and more emotionless.

Man, I need to stop thinking about shit all the time.
People are going to think I'm crazy. X]

Entry: Far now.


So Tony, Hayden, and I all went on an outing today. It was a ton of fun, I even got a stool.
What kind of stool you may ask? The most amazing, comfiest stool ever :D

Greg sent me a message today, telling me that he still loves me. I'm the "temp" girlfriend, until Kaila comes home again. Not anymore though. I won't let myself be used anymore, It just took being cheated on twice to realize it. Or I was just afraid that no one would care about me, that he was the only one that could. Greg helped me though, he made me more aware of what an asshole looks like.

Have I reached a turning point? Mmm, I think so.

Hell yeah.

I'm in a spectacular mood, and I can't quit smiling. I feel like a vixen. I feel beautiful. :] 

I'm over Greg now, for good this time. I saw him today, and felt nothing toward him. No anger, no love, no sadness. Nothing. I had just as much feeling toward him as I would passing a stranger in the street. I've moved on. :D He had to help me jump my car because it broke down in town. In front of his house...ironic. But I thanked him, that's all I said though. I have nothing to say to him.

Tomorrow is my college inventory, then who knows.

Things happen how they do. Hopefully they happen well.


.So my sister moved in with her boyfriend, who's even younger than me. -_-

I'm thinking that this is going to be a bad idea.


In other news, I bought the new Sonata Arctica cd, it's actually pretty good. Not as good as Winterhearts Guild, but fair. I've been listening to it for three days now. :D

I'm happy. woo fuck.


Eight hours of freshman orientation will kick your ass.


-Intro to Psychology 100
-English 111 [online]
-Philosophy of Religion
-Past, Present, and Future [fine arts]

I'm pretty content with my schedule, it's pleasing.

Maybe I'll just become an old maid and move to Arkansas.